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Tender Management



About the Workshop


This workshop aims to covers the fundamental principles concerning the basics of Tender Management to its hidden complexities. This is an interactive training course which includes case studies, group discussions & exercise and reviews of real life situations and planning.


This workshop aims to build up each participant’s overall understanding of this very important area of modern day business management. This programme aims in covering all the important aspects for a better understanding and the long term benefits to the participants.


Course Objectives
  • To Understand and differentiate between Tender, bid and contract.
  • To understand the role of a tender / bid Manager.
  • To recognise the Tendering & bid cycle to 'qualify' the opportunity.
  • To understand the client's needs to determine the winning strategy.
  • To understand Terms related to a Tender & basic Check points before submission of a tender.
  • To understand Pre Qualification Criteria (PQC).
  • Ways to effectively analyse the competition.
  • How to build your bidding / tender team & Establish a bid plan.
  • Pre-Bid preparation and questionnaires.
  • Preparation of a bid / tender document.
  • How to present an offer against the tender to the client.
  • Make the document which works for you to sell the benefits in your proposal.
  • How to understand Bill of Quantity (BoQ).
  • Achieving high success in negotiations.
  • Carrying out post-award activities.


Why to Attend?


This workshop is ideally designed and suited for officials and specialists who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals in day to day Tender & Bid management and the steps necessary to manage a successful tenders and winning bids. Participants may come from many different backgrounds such as technology, management, regulatory, finance, and operations and from various industrial verticals. The course will cover the entire Tendering & Bid Cycle. It will provide you with proven and effective business tools and methods to:-

  • Evaluate and analyse Tender / bid requirements.
  • Align your approach to what your customers need.
  • Determine and target the resources you require.
  • Identify the information you need to success.
  • Set up the internal review procedures required.
  • Effectively structure your tender and bidding documentation.
  • Differentiate your bid from that of the competition.
  • Ensure a clear, structured submission is made.
  • Plan and work efficiently, within tight timescales and deadlines.
  • Assess and review your submission, to ensure continuous improvement in your tender / bidding strategy.
Who Should Attend


This advanced course is for

  • Business owners & Top level Executives.
  • General Managers.
  • Divisional Heads of
    • Procurement.
    • Construction.
    • Finance.
    • Projects.
    • Contract.
    • Operations.
  • Supply Chain consultants.
  • Vendors and contractors.
  • Anyone responsible for or involved in Supplier Relationship Management.


Anil Kumar Tyagi

Former Executive Director
Indian Oil Corporation

Anil Kumar Tyagi has a diversified industry experience of over 36 years, which includes about 27 years in Project Management, encompassing engineering design, construction and materials procurement. He has been involved with Materials Management, Project Implementation Functions, Procurement & Contracts and Operations & Maintenance. He was in the procurement team for 15 years catering to material requirements for operation & maintenance for over 30 projects.


Mr. Tyagi is a victorious leader and believes in an organised approach towards tender management and hence looks forward to a defined bidding chronology for systematic and successful conversion. He led a team of professionals responsible for tendering and award for procurement of goods & services for various projects. He also developed efficient procurement techniques to expedite and smoothening of processes. This enabled transfer of expertise & knowledge promoting high standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct.

He graduated with Post Graduation Diploma in Business Management and excelled in his efficacy of work portfolio. He surrendered his duty stars to Indian Government in February 2014 as an Executive Director-Materials and Contracts of Indian Oil Corporation. During his tenure of service with Indian Oil Corporation, Mr. Tyagi has successfully implemented;

  • Planning, sourcing, purchasing, moving, storing and controlling materials for over 30 successful projects
  • Procurement of services including finalizing and awarding contracts, monitoring and closing of contracts under the Contract function.
  • Ensured compliance to procedures and guidelines
  • Coordination for legal matters arising out of contracts including arbitration, court cases and out of court settlements.
  • Highly rated faculty at corporate level represented and made presentation at national and international levels.
  • Maintaining close coordination with external and internal agencies to achieve smooth ordering, execution and completion of contracts.
  • Monitoring complete procurement process including receipt and review of indent, tendering activities, techno-commercial evaluation of bids, issuance of purchase orders, arranging inspection and dispatch clearance.
  • Coordinated for timely award and execution of repairs and refurbishment of pipelines based on the analysis of Pipeline Integrity Test.
  • Enhancing vendor development system: developing and incorporating advance techniques holding vendor meets.